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Welcome! To the hive of creativity, born from the mind of Matthew Daniell. Thank you for your visit!


Like bees making honey, Matthew’s mind has been oozing with ideas during the UK lockdowns. It was during the first UK lockdown of March 2020, that Matthew sprang into action and started to write his first feature length screenplay. You can find out more about this under the Writing tab.


The ideas have been flooding out of Matthew’s brain of late, with so many ideas he has started to prepare treatments, which he will rank to decide which ideas are the best to start turning into the next Screenplay or Stage play.


There is a clear passion for the arts and creativity of a physical kind dating back to school when Matthew cut his teeth in musicals and plays to delighted crowds. Now times have changed and circumstances in Matthew’s life had changed. Along with an everchanging world to boot, it meant that the Semi-Professional singing career that was ready pre-COVID, would have to be put on hold and another focus would have to emerge. Adapt, was the name of the game and then something clicked. If singing to a crowd was a potential risk to someone who had to shield, then writing could bring solace to the inventive mind bursting with ideas. 


Ideas were now beginning to pop out fast, like the plant bulbs during spring, and even the lyrics of songs are coming to him in dream, sometimes full songs. There has been one occasion, a full song (verses and the chorus) just came to him during a dream. This sounds like a cliché, but it is the truth - the ideas were popping into his head!


Matthew has joined several local theatrical societies and has recently been part of a pantomime (Jan.2022), followed swiftly by a supper-show production of comedy TV series Hi-de-Hi (Feb.2022). Rehearsals are also ongoing for Sister Act: The Musical (Jun.2022) and Our House (Oct.2022). So, seeing Matthew perform on a stage is something you can certainly book tickets for, even though he is not currently performing gigs.


We invite you to join Matthew on his journey of discovery. Please check out the rest of the website and remember to share a link with your friends.


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