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Writing is such an expressive medium, provocative even. It can be an audible or visual expression.


If you are watching a film or a play, you can feel emotionally joyous or even enraged with what you are seeing. The same can also be said for music, which can take you to a tranquil paradise after a stressful day at work, or it can even provoke tears because it invokes memories of a loved one who is no longer in your life. 


It is being expressive that has lead Matthew back down the path of writing, which he started at an earlier age, as his back catalogue is starting to prove. It was nostalgic to find a copy of a novel he first drafted back in 2004 and then revised again in 2010. Now, ahem, with more life experience behind him, one task he has set is to dust off that cover and to review the text again. Maybe finally sending it off to a publisher.


To stay along the visual sense of things, each item of literary work has been given a logo. See below. This will help to immediately identify if the notes you are reading belong to; a stage play, a script or something else. More details of each can be found below, but before we get onto that there is a useful Legend below, which shows the terminology used beside each item: 



  1. Any “stage play” is shown by this icon. 
  2. Any progress is stated by way of draft number.
  3. Final Draft will be shown when, Matthew, is happy with the copy, which could be presented for outside review.  



  1. A screenplay is a script written for the screen.
  2. This could be a feature length film or a TV-series, for example. 


  1. A document that outlines the movie.
  2. A scriptment would include some speech from the characters. 


Stage plays

  1. A stage play is a script written for a stage performance.







Short Stories 




Song Lyrics

& poetry

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