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Meet Matthew




Height:    5’ 10”



Star:       Scorpio



Key:       Tenacious, imaginative, creative                & loyal.



Dream:   To have a script performed to a                  crowd, or on screen!





Pros:      Has a good sense of humour and is fiercely loyal to his family and friends.



Cons:     His creative side has become a con. He sees inspiration for films or plays wherever he looks. Something can catch his eye in the newspaper, a magazine or even simply looking out the window – this has become problematic since lockdown has been lifted in the UK.



About:    When Matthew is not writing or rehearsing for a stage production he has a day job, and he also enjoys spending time with family. Matthew is a tenacious individual who puts others before himself. He is always looking for inspiration wherever he goes, whether it is intentional or not. See cons! 



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